OWL, the long-awaited novel by d’ettut, is here! Click here to purchase OWL, available globally as a paperback or ebook.
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One World League

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What is OWL?

One World League (OWL) is a league of men and women, young and mature, who wish to see the evolution of democratic politics. The existing political parties worldwide are steeped in nineteenth century rituals, and biases. This is a twenty-first century revolution.

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Your opportunity to purchase OWL and other d’ettut’s books. You’ll notice there is a constant theme of social justice and moral evolution. The books all carry strong messages which are brought to a head in the OWL novel.

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OWL Vision.

To create the opportunity, through the exploitation of the latest information technology and social networking for all eligible people, anywhere, to be able to express their views on critical policies, to in turn achieve a harmonious global community.


Forming the OWL Party

Sign up to OWL and become part of a political party that gives responsible thinkers a voice and influences people to actively guide their representatives in government to enable stable, compassionate and fair government to all.

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Apply to Become the Leader of OWL

We are looking for a charismatic leader; youthful in age or attitude; committed to international social change of the highest order, to lead an emerging revolutionary political entity.

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Have Your Say

OWL is a party for all, and we want to hear your thoughts! Submit your ideas and discuss OWL Party policies on the Forum.

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